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HomeIndustry InformationWhat is the difference between ham, sausage and ham?

What is the difference between ham, sausage and ham?


Ham sausage, sausage and ham have many similarities, there are many differences, a lot of consumption is really not a good distinction for the three of them, the following Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction on the differences between ham, sausage and ham.

The difference between ham and sausage What is the difference between ham, sausage, and ham?


Differences such as taste packaging:

1, the flavor is not the same. Sausage has a special smoky flavor because it has a smoke-drying process and ham does not.

2, the processing process is not the same. The ham sausage is a high-temperature meat product and is a packaged meat product having a high temperature of 121 degrees Celsius and has a long shelf life. The sausage is a low-temperature meat product and is a meat product that is pasteurized at a relatively low sterilization temperature, and is generally 68-72. Degree of temperature. In addition, sausages have an enema process, which means that meat is poured into the casing; ham is not. There are many different specific processes.

3, the product raw material formula is not the same. The ham sausage on the market has less pure meat and more additives, making it a low-grade product. The meat content of sausages is high, and raw materials are strictly required and relatively high-grade.

4, the packaging is not the same. everybody knows.

5, storage is not the same. Ham sausage can be stored at room temperature, and sausages should be stored at low temperature to ensure shelf life.


The difference between production methods

1. Ham is a famous traditional meat food in China. It is made of high-quality pork legs after salting, drying, shaping, and fermentation.

2. Sausages are made from the pork sandwich and the back leg of the meat, as well as some of the fat. Because the condiments are well-distributed and the technical operation is fine, the sausages made are beautiful and delicious.

3. The ham sausage is a kind of meat food that is popular among consumers. It is based on livestock and poultry meat, supplemented with fillers (starch, vegetable protein powder, etc.), and then added seasonings (salt, sugar). , wine, monosodium glutamate, etc.), spices (onions, ginger, garlic, cardamom, amomum, aniseed, pepper, etc.), quality improvers (carrageenan, Vc, etc.), color-protecting agents, water-retaining agents, preservatives, etc. It is made using processing techniques such as pickling, picking (or emulsification), and high-temperature cooking.

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