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Frozen?Meat?Breaker And Grinder

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Frozen Meat Breaker/frozen meat breaker/Meat Grinder/Meat Mincer is the first step of high quality products production. They are used for pre-breaking frozen meat blocks stacked on pallets. It includes bone saw series, frozen meat cutting machine, Frozen Meat Flaker,grinder series, etc. Customers will use different machines depending on the processing needs and to form an automatic production line. No need of defrosting of the meat, Helper`s breaker series has been designed to cut off a whole block of meat in meat pieces with a blades system, avoiding second time pollution and keeping meat texture.

Large frozen meat breaker series: Bone saw, Frozen meat cutting machine, frozen meat flaker.

Frozen Meat grinder series: JR-120, JR-140, JR-300, chopping and grinding combination system.

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