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China Filling?And?Linking?Technology Suppliers

Helper has designed different filler series for small scale producer, medium sized business, and industrial enterprises,such as Vacuum Filler,Piston Stuffers.

---The vane cell feed system, together with vacuum pumping system, guarantees a long service life and the highest product quality.

---Mechanical filler is newly designed by our feeding technical team and it represents a new beginning of Chinese mechanical filling machine.

---Pneumatic filler is the most economical solution for the beginning of small scale producer with frequent changes in the product range.

Sausage Linking System,Sausage Hanging System:

The sausage linking and hanging system is the advanced solution to hang the sausages immediately after twisting-off. The workers handle easily the hanged sausages to smoking step by using a hanging stick. A simple twist linking device is also available to the filling machine to realize automatic twisting products production.

sausage filler and linker series

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