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Advanced Vacuum Dough Kneading Technology

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China Advanced Vacuum Dough Kneading Technology Suppliers

Vacuum Dough Kneader/Vacuum Kneader:

This machine developed by our company is the most advanced domestic kneading machine. It is mainly applicable for making various flour products. Its mixing leaves can be adjusted according to the characteristic of wheat flour. Many mixing leaves developed by our company have been granted the national patents. This vacuum kneading machine is under the vacuum condition imitating the manually kneading to quickly form the gluten and proportionate the protein structure. The kneaded dough has better extension and elasticity, more smooth surface, and better looking than any others.

With human-machine interface and PLC control, the machine has high automation level and is convenient to operate. After inputing the process procedure, the machine will complete the whole kneading process automatically. Also it can be manually controlled to satisfy different demands of production.

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